• About Samantha

    Samantha Matalone Cook has almost three decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts and is a dedicated mentor and lifelong learner. She has a BA in Humanities, emphasizing Medieval Culture and Archaeology, and an MaT from the George Washington Graduate School of Education and Human Development, specializing in Museum and Non Profit Education.

    Samantha has worked with small and large organizations, including The Smithsonian. She is a founder and advisor of Mothership Hackermoms, an organization in Berkeley that gives new mothers creative support and provides child care. She is founder and former ED for Curiosity Hacked, a non-profit hackerspace for kids and families, where she built learning communities and pushed the boundaries of what learner-centered, alternative STEAM education could look like.

    Samantha consistently writes about feminism, parenting, art, technology, education reform, and home/unschooling, for various publications, including GeekMom. She is an active member, speaker, and advocate of the hacker/maker and home/unschooling communities, and has been featured at many events including Maker Faire, HSC Conference, Mastermind Talks, East Bay Mini Maker Faire, The Global Education conference, AERO, SEA and more.

    Currently, Samantha is working on a consulting basis with both families and organizations, leading educator workshops, as well as continuing to experiment with learning through classes and workshops. She is writing book two books on Project based learning and on creating learner-centered, Making/Hacking environments. She also finds new adventures and manages mischief every day with her three unschooling kids in their mountain home.