• Oh Minecraft ! Thou art magnificent in your design!

    You thrust your pick-axe into the depths of my children’s minds

    and collect the fragments of literacy and mathematics buried in their genetic code

    with your own code of multidimensional strategy and awesomeness !

    Through chat window they build their empires,

    through mining they stretch and exercise their mathematical prowess,

    they are cubic kings!

    Destined to conquer and lead all mankind towards

    self-reliance and cooked pork!


    Hail Spore, game of science and infinite possibility!

    Creating new and interesting creatures of peace and not,

    imbuing my children with the gift of knowledge, the essential lessons of evolution and natural selection!

    May you reign on our computer, with neither asteroid virus nor creationist pop-up spam

    to mar the beauty of your truth!