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    HSC Makerspace!

    July 27-30th, 2017 in Burlingame, CA (South San Francisco)

    Our pop-up makerspace was such a hit last year, we decided to run a makerspace the whole weekend of the HSC 2017 Conference! In addition to special workshops, materials and mentors will be on hand for all day making and crafting!

    Where: Bayside Room A/B

    When: Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm

    Special workshops:

    Soldering 101 (Family): Learn to solder in under an hour!

    Friday 11am, Saturday 2pm, Sunday 11am

    Hacking Resources: Creative ReUse and Material Sourcing for Projects (Adult workshop)

    Join Samantha and Chris Cook in a discussion on how to creatively source and budget for all kinds of projects, storage solutions, and ideas on how to use leftover parts.

    Friday 7/28

    Making Through History: How to ignite a passion for the Humanities through Innovation (Adult workshop)

    Following a lifetime of passion for the Humanities, two years ago Samantha Cook noticed that the intense drive towards STEM in education was leaving a gap in the advancement of history and the arts. Propelled by a deep belief that no subject is an island, she began teaching “Making Through History,” a class that uses the exploration of technology and innovation as a way to understand modern influence and function. Join her for a lively discussion on how to ignite a passion for the humanities through innovation, no matter what interests your kid!

    Saturday 7/29
    Hydraulic Judo Bots (Family workshop)

    Crafted from popsicle sticks and hydraulic pistons, battle your robotic arms along two axis!

    Hydraulic Judo Bots
    Saturday 7/29

    “Be Inspired” Homeschool Conference

    presented by Live to Learn Resources

    August 5th, 2017

    9am-6pm in Brentwood CA

    Learning Through Making
    Join Samantha Cook in a demonstration and  discussion on how to integrate more STEAM education and Tinkering into your home education, how to create a makerspace at home, and simple ways to make any area of interest or study have a kinesthetic moment.
    Workshop time TBA

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    Maker Faire Bay Area

    Samantha and Chris Cook present

    Lessons Learned: Reflections on the Life Cycle of a Makerspace

    Sunday, May 21st, 2017 at 2pm


    Bay Area Homeschool Fair


    Coddiwomple (kod-ee-wom-pul) (v.) To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. [English Slang]

    Join Samantha Matalone Cook on an examination of the homeschooling journey as one filled with purpose and intention by looking at the roles community, academics, and family play in traveling this path, and how we can embrace the unknown future without fear. With plenty of time for discussion, we’ll explore how both science and the current economic shift into the Fourth Industrial Revolution supports crafting an education of creativity, innovation, individuality, and most importantly, adaptability. In essence, home education is mastering the art of the coddiwomple.


    Alternative Education Resource Organization annual conference in Portland Oregon.

    Samantha will be leading the workshop: “Hacking the Future: Creating a Learner Centered Education” on Saturday, August 6th. More info: http://www.educationrevolution.org/store/conference/program/

    June 16th – 18th, 2016 CH Homeschool/Unschool Educator Summer Camp is a 3 day immersion in learner centered home education. Topics include creating a more learner centered environment, feeling comfortable with STEAM topics, creating a makerspace at home, and more. CHILDCARE IS NOW AVAILABLE, separate fee.https://www.facebook.com/events/1116240911772247/

    Bay Area Maker Faire 2016