• Let’s face it: Those of us who have decided to home educate our kids need a little support now and then. Between the torment of mainstream education gone wrong yet still pervasive in the mindset of the masses (Hello? Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction anyone?) and the well meaning, or not, inquiries of loved ones and strangers alike- we find ourselves in a quandry. I mean, personally I don’t knock anyone else’s choice to send their kid into the fray, so I would appreciate a little respect on my end. I would also be grateful for a little understanding in the world about the difference between homeschoolers. I actually don’t know anyone that homeschools for religious reasons. I know they exist. I know the HSLDA seems to promote the idea that we are all educational soldiers for god. But it isn’t true, and I am annoyed that the main reason the majority of families homeschool- quality of life and education- isn’t the rule to beginning the conversation. So, back to the quandry: do we defend ourselves and move forward in an active, positive way or ignore it and deal with what we are given? Deborah Markus is my kind of gal- she chose the former because, like me, she could never live with the latter.

    Secular Homeschooling Magazine is witty, informative, and best of all- arrives regularly. Every time it shows up, I smile with anticipation, grab a cup of coffee and something that contains chocolate, and read it cover to cover. Support, activism,  ideas and new perspectives, the state of homeschooling in the world, reviews, even a section for kids- it’s all there. I laughed so hard I almost, well…you know, when I read her Bitter Homeschooler’s Wish List But most importantly, the tone of the magazine carries a great love and respect for learning and adventure that families and friends can share- which is why we are all here in this place, really; this place of holding the space for our kids to grow and experience into the world and themselves. I highly recommend adding it into your regular mail. Do it.