• Rose Hill Studios

    Samantha Cook will be offering classes in 2017 through her new workshop, Rose Hill Studio, in Berkeley.

    Rose Hill Studio is a magical place of art and invention, where children and adults are invited to create and play. Curated and led by Samantha Cook, Rose Hill Studio classes and workshops encourage discovery, individuality and a deep understanding of skill and concepts. Through collaboration and community, learning at Rose Hill Studio is meaningful and personal.

    *Registration can be made by emailing sam@rosehillstudio.com. Payment can be made via cash, check, or Paypal.

    * Refund policy: Full refunds are given up until 1 week prior to the first class. Refunds of 75% will be given within the week prior to the first class, and on the day the first class if a child feels it is not a good fit. After the first class, no refunds will be given.


    Spring 2017 Session


    Making Through History: 18th century

    Join us for an immersion of history, seen through the art, innovation, and inventions of the 18th Century. Starting with the Age of Enlightenment and working our way to the American Revolution, we will research, explore, recreate, build, and appreciate 18th century technology and aesthetics, while connecting early modern design and ingenuity to modern day influence and function. We will use quality materials and traditional techniques to explore the ways cultures all over the world expressed and advanced themselves in the 18th century. A list of optional support resources will also be provided.

    Mondays 10:30am-12:30pm
    4/17-5/22 (6 weeks) ages 8+

    Marionette Puppet Theatre

    From start to finish, create your own marionette puppet character(s) from scratch, learn to manipulate and move your puppet, build a theatre, learn how to write a play, and produce a performance featuring your script and marionette! This class is perfect for kids attracted to theatre but shy about being on stage, as well as more seasoned actors. This collaborative class will also cover a holistic view of puppetry, the history of marionettes and puppetry, and a keen understanding of materials and skills. Co taught by Samantha Cook and Dawn Holtan of the Experientialists.
    Mondays 1:30-3:30pm
    8 weeks (4/17-6/5, performance on the evening of 6/5. No class on 5/29.)

    ImagiFashion Making Club

    Kid-directed class on fashion design as well as awesome making projects. Kids may create vision boards and idea books, take a field trip to the fabric store, create clothing & accessories, and produce a group fashion show at the end of the session. Other projects will be determined by the group, but may include miniature worlds, painting and printmaking, e-textiles, and more.
    Tuesdays 4-6pm
    4/18-6/6 (8 weeks) ages 7+


    All workshops for spring session will be by request!




    Coming this Fall:

    Making Through History: 19th-21st Century

    Fantasy Worlds: Maps, Cosplay and Writing

    Feminism and Fairytales

    ImagiFashion: Sewing and Making Club

    Making Through Literature: Harry Potter

    and more!