• This morning my eldest son and I watched the President give his annual pep talk to students across America. It was the usual “work hard and you’ll succeed” mantra- but two things seem to resonate with my child of just 7.8 years of age: The line about “You are the writer of your own destiny” and the affirmations about treating each other with kindness and respect. The latter is something we talk a lot about at home. Kindness and respect is how we guide our relationship within our family as well as in our community. I even use those exact two words. P was excited to hear the President talk about it (far more than when I say it, apparently) and I was glad he brought it up. Because there needs to be more of it in schools, and outside of schools for that matter. P also took the statement about destiny very seriously. “That’s what we do, mama! We make our own choices and be who WE want to be!” I bet Obama didn’t know his speech was so pro-homeschooling.

    Watch the speech in it’s entirety, and “Dream Big”!