• Alternative Education

    Samantha is a vocal advocate and change agent for learner-centered education.

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    Building Community

    Samantha co-founded Mothership HackerMom, a space for mothers to explore DIY/hacker/maker projects, and entrepreneurship. She also co-founded Curiosity Hacked, a non-profit for kids and families to explore learner-centered STEAM education.

  • Get to know Samantha Matalone Cook

    Samantha believes in projects that build community, and is a staunch advocate for children and learner centered education.

  • Workshops, Consulting, Classes and more.

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  • My thoughts on Educational Policy and Reform, Home Education, Maker Culture and Education, and more.

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  • Upcoming events in the maker, homeschooling, and educational fields. Some created and some lead by Samantha Matalone Cook.

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  • Samantha Matalone Cook has over two decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts and is a dedicated mentor and lifelong learner.  Read more

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  • On Problematic Authors

    May 10, 2020
    On Problematic Authors

    The question is, what do we do with problematic authors? Here's how I approach this issue.

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  • Project-Based Learning in Times of Crisis

    We are currently in an unexpected time of stress and isolation. Even my own children, who are usually steadfast and

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