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    Samantha believes in projects that build community, and is a staunch advocate for children and learner centered education.

  • Workshops, Consulting, Classes and more.

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  • My thoughts on Educational Policy and Reform, Home Education, Maker Culture and Education, and more.

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  • Upcoming events in the maker, homeschooling, and educational fields. Some created and some lead by Samantha Matalone Cook.

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  • Samantha Matalone Cook has over two decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts and is a dedicated mentor and lifelong learner.  Read more

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  • 5 Reasons History & Humanities Education could save us all

      Picture on left: Communication begins with Morse Code on handmade Telegraph Machines. Picture on Right: Da Vinci's

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  • The Problem No One Talks About

    February 18, 2018
    The Problem No One Talks About

    I’ve been completely speechless the last few days. Anyone who knows me could tell you this is not a usual

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  • Events



    Project-Based Learning Workshop

    Live Workshop with co-authors Samantha Matalone Cook and Blair Lee, based on their book Project-Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact! 3:30pm at the Boulder Main Library (Boulder, CO)



    SEA Online Conference, March 6-10, 2019

    Samantha will be the featured speaker this spring's SEA Online Conference, along with Blair Lee, with several workshops on Project Based Learning!



    NCHE Conference, March 14-16

    Samantha will be presenting at the National Council for History Education Conference in Washington DC, March 14-16, with a focus on Project Based Learning in History and the Humanities.

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