• I design every class and workshop to encourage discovery, individuality and a deep understanding of skill and concepts. Through collaboration and community, I believe learning should be meaningful and personal.

    I’m currently teaching privately,  offering small, learner-centered classes online. To see my current offerings, please visit SEA Online Classes.

    Parent Testimonials

    Samantha is the type of teacher we wish we all had, because we as adults would have BLOWN UP in big success right out of high school, or college if all of our professors were like her!
    Sam brings intense, unique curriculum that is thoroughly vetted and applicable to ALL her students lives. The way she weaves multiple subjects into layers, allows the brain to relate to difficult material.  My daughter AUTHENTICALLY  enjoyed subjects that were not her favorites, but a necessary part of a well rounded education, because of the way Sam teaches. This is HUGE to my kid’s  ability to retain what she learned, and to me as a parent, to have a happy middle schooler!
    Sam’s creativity and warmth of understanding my daughter, and speaking to her with kindness, and urging her into her best version of herself, was the perfect example of how to growth my daughter into a life long learner.
    I found myself wanting to jump into class with Sam, as she was so interesting. So, I did take a class with her as well.
    I learned so much in how to support research using google, and making sure my daughter and I were able to find quality, sound information for our home and school lives.
    The old paradigm of boring education, that crams info into our youth does not exist in her classes. If you want to be ignited into a dreamy, exciting world of history, and exotic ways to learn, jump in class with Samantha!

    “I love seeing what projects Sam put together for each week. Fun, creative and definitely science with that Hogwarts flair! I also appreciated the weekly email update.” ~ Joy

    “Thank you again for the two wonderful workshops this year. We so appreciate your creativity and inspiration. The parents raved about them and the tweens really got a wonderful experience in learning history in a new way. Personally I was so inspired to imagine home education in a more creative dynamic way.” ~ Wendy

    “Sam is an amazing and gifted teacher and artist/anthropologist. Her love for art, history, and science is contagious and she aids her students to believe they are all artists in their own right. My daughter always looked forward to attending her classes with Sam! I also was impressed with her ability to use her intuition to guide students to express and think critically for themselves. Her kind and warm personality and style is executed through a sincere passion and wisdom for teaching!” ~Tamy

    “Thank you so much for touching my son’s life in such a deep, rich and meaningful way, and for the amazing impact you have had on him. He truly loves your classes and just has a joy of learning when under your guidance. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your ability to accept him for who he is and his unique personality and challenges. In the past we have struggled with ‘classroom’ learning environments and I am so grateful for you and your classes.

    He was always so delighted to make the drive to class and appreciate the beauty of the hills. On top of that he would be beaming with pride and joy upon my arrival to pick him up after your amazing classes. You are an inspiration and light to all those you encounter. We can not thank you enough.” ~ Nikki

    Kid Testimonials

    “It’s cool! It’s fun! It’s something I like!”  ~ Lennon

    “I thought the puppetry class was just really fun because Sam is really nice and smart, she knows everything, and I learned new things. I like absolutely everything about her classes. The map class was super fun. My teacher Sam is always patient and nice and teaches me a lot. I also think Sam is really funny” ~Zuzu

    “Sam’s class is so fun that it’s easy to learn.  It’s easier to learn while doing something like working with different materials.” ~Isabella.

    “ Sam is a truly wonderful teacher. She taught me so much, and there’s nothing she can’t do. She is truly amazing” ~ Violet