• Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, 30th District of Texas, has introduced a resolution (H.Res. 1593) to support academically-based social studies curriculum standards for the U.S.’s public schools in reaction to the standards that were recently approved by the Texas State School Board. My first reaction was: “Hurrah! A voice of reason! Good for her!” My second reaction was “Thank Goodness she is from Texas- that will make it a far more powerful statement! (Not to mention interesting.)” and my final reaction? “Duh.” Why does it take a House Resolution to introduce the idea that academic scholars (I might also add into the mix specialists in child development, fwiw) with no partisan agenda should be the ones creating a solid, factual curriculum for children? Why would the Texas State School Board think that they could skew history in favor of their own personal worldview in the first place? And why are the parents of public schooled kids, particularly in Texas, not demanding this decision be reversed? And lest you think “we don’t live in Texas, so it doesn’t matter,” let me remind or enlighten you that Texas is one of the largest publishers of textbooks in the country. Textbooks that are shipped nationwide. If those textbooks showed up in my child’s classroom, I would demand their removal immediately. If they were not removed, my child would be. I’m all for the dissemination of diverse ideas and opinions, but that’s not what this is. This is indoctrination with very little to no academic scholarship supporting it’s presence in our schools.

    No matter what your politics, no matter what your religion- bias is ignorance and ignorance is expensive and it’s our kids who pay the price. Here is a great letter supporting the resolution. Won’t you call or write  your representative and voice your support as well?