• Education has always been my passion. I have over 25 years of experience in designing and leading classes and workshops for adults and children, and I have extensive knowledge and experience in working with non-profit organizations. I am always excited and interested to work with communities and organizations in designing and attaining educational goals through rich, interdisciplinary, and entertaining programs. See below for more on my speaking and professional development services. If you would like more information, please contact me.

    Speaking Engagements

    I am frequently asked to speak on a variety of topics related to education, including History Education, STEAM/Maker Education, Project-Based Learning, Consensual and Collaborative Education, and Program and Curriculum Development. Please contact me for availability and to discuss your specific needs.

    Professional Development Workshops for Educators

    Educators can spend one, or multiple, sessions learning about creating and supporting a more learner-centered classroom environment and/or project-based learning through mentorship, hands-on making, and hacking to integrate skill building into existing curriculum. Participants will be gaining new skills, work with a variety of materials, and discuss relevant ideas and examples to enhance their own visions as well as those of their students. Workshops will offer a Professional Development certificate upon completion.

    Feedback from past participants

    “Best PD workshop ever!”

    “Samantha helped me finally figure out how to implement project-based learning in my classroom successfully. It has completely changed my relationship with my students!”

    “I had never thought about how every subject could be given a kinesthetic moment before Samantha mentioned it. With her help, my lessons are now engaging, hands-on, and most important, connecting with my students.”

    “Thank you so much for guiding us to a new vision for our organization. You were able to see the possibilities and channel them into tangible experiences for our staff and our visitors.”

    “OMG!!!!!! Every day was an eye opening experience for me – – not to be afraid to try something – to take my curiosity to the next level – – and instead of focusing on the person next to me and comparing my output to theirs, to let MY creativity and MY curiosity lead me to MY path of making.I’ve cleaned out my garage space and am setting it up as a makerspace/hackerspace… with the objective of making it available to other educators for tinkering, making, sharing and learning.
    Thank you SO much for offering this workshop!!”

    “I didn’t want to leave! You rule!”

    “I loved everything! The hands on AND being able to choose what/how to do. To watch and learn from others in real time. To have conversations with colleagues in the field (guest speaker and other participants) about application, issues, challenges and ideas. To learn from Sam how Curiosity Hacked was developed and how it continues to evolve. I LOVED that I made my first bot!!”

    “I thought this workshop was a really great balance of perspective, vision-sharing and hands-on experience. What was shared illustrated the power of creative problem-solving when motivated by tangible, learner-valued projects. I am totally inspired to see the projects I do with kids differently and to guide them to see themselves as innovators, builders and thinkers. Learning new skills and stretching myself creatively also helped me to reflect on my own learning/teaching style and fueled my excitement to do more!”

    “In my opinion, the allotted time was well structured. I especially appreciated Sam’s examples of ways that she had used projects to spark and encourage social-emotional and academic growth in the kids. The guest speakers provided a wider look at what was out in the community. And the time for us to actually do projects and explore materials/techniques… well, there could never be too much time for that, right?”

    “I have already changed my curriculum as a result of this opportunity. It made me remember, as an old teacher, what I liked about school. After years of having to “drill and kill” the students to pass the standardized tests, I have been thinking about the fact that school wasn’t like that for me, and I did very well in college. We teach them to color in the lines for years and years. Isn’t it time we begin to teach them to think “outside the box”. This workshop has done the most to motivate me than any other teacher in-service program than I have ever attended. Rather than just listening to what could be done, which is inspiring, with this workshop I was able to “feel” it myself. What a difference. Thank you sooo much for providing this opportunity for me. My classroom is now becoming full of “maker” supplies. I want my students to like to come to school. This is the beginning of the transformation.”


    “It is very powerful to learn by doing. Interactive, hands on, and sessions that allow plenty of time to implement what we just learn, are the best.”